William Aikman Paintings – 20 Best William Aikman Paintings

William Aikman Paintings – 20 Best William Aikman Paintings
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Born in Arbroath, Scotland, William Aikman studied law at the University of Edinburgh and later spent time studying under Baroque artists in Rome. He later returned to Scotland, where he cultivated his skills as a portrait painter. His patronage was a key factor in his professional success, and he gained it by displaying his work to the nobility and gentry of London. Many of his paintings have royal connections and feature members of the aristocracy.

Aikman is best known for his portraits, although he produced a range of works. Aikman trained with Flemish artist John de Medina in Edinburgh, and his output spans the years from 1705 until his death in 1731. During this period, Aikman also traveled to Italy and Turkey, and his paintings are highly collectible. In 1711, he returned to Scotland to pursue his career. In 1722, the Duke of Argyll became Aikman’s most important patron and convinced him to settle permanently in London.

This video features 20 best William Aikman’s paintings. Enjoy!

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