Wassily Kandinsky Paintings – 100 Most Famous Wassily Kandinsky Paintings

Wassily Kandinsky Paintings – 100 Most Famous Wassily Kandinsky Paintings
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Wassily Kandinsky was born on December 16, 1866, in Moscow, Russia. He later moved to Odessa, where he studied piano and cello. While growing up, he began to appreciate the colors of nature and wished to become an artist. At age 30, he decided to attend art school in Munich, Germany, where he was greatly influenced by the work of Claude Monet and other artists. He also found inspiration in the imposing Muscovite architecture.

Wassily Kandinsky’s artistic life was filled with ups and downs. During the 1920s, he taught art in Moscow and traveled to St. Petersburg. At the end of that year, he married Nina Andrievskaya. After the Russian Revolution, he moved to Germany, where he taught at the VKHUTEMAS and became Vice-President of the Russian Academy of Arts. However, his life in Russia was filled with traumatic events. He became depressed after the death of his son in Moscow.

Although his paintings usually did not contain human figures, some of his work did. For instance, Sunday, Old Russia (1904) depicts peasants and nobles in front of the town’s luminous walls. Couple on Horseback (1907) depicts a man on horseback holding a woman. Both of these paintings demonstrate the influence of pointillism. The resulting paintings are considered among the finest works of modern art.

This video features 100 most famous Wassily Kandinsky’s paintings. Enjoy!

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