Paul Gauguin Paintings – 20 Most Famous Paul Gauguin Paintings

Paul Gauguin Paintings – 20 Most Famous Paul Gauguin Paintings
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Paul Gauguin was a French Post-Impressionist painter. His work only became widely recognized after his death, and is characterized by its use of color and experimental style, which differed greatly from Impressionism. His works portray his ten years in French Polynesia, an area rich in natural beauty. While there, he created beautiful watercolors and paintings, some of which have been restored and are now available for purchase.

The artist’s quest for a closer connection with nature influenced his artistic vision. His travels in non-western cultures gave him the opportunity to observe the direct connection people have with the natural world. In addition, he treated painting as a philosophical exercise, exploring questions of what it means to live in harmony with nature. During his lifetime, Gauguin suffered from heart ailments and syphilis, and was often in constant pain. Consequently, he turned to morphine to deal with the pain. Despite his efforts, however, he died unexpectedly.

This video features 20 most famous Paul Gauguin paintings. Enjoy.

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