Mary Cassatt Paintings – 50 Most Famous Mary Cassatt Paintings

Mary Cassatt Paintings – 50 Most Famous Mary Cassatt Paintings
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If you’re considering buying a Mary Cassatt painting for your home, you’ve probably thought about which one will be the most appealing to you. This American painter and printmaker was born in Allegheny City, Pennsylvania, but she spent much of her adult life living in France, where she befriended Edgar Degas and exhibited alongside the Impressionists.

While living in Paris, Mary Cassatt met Edgar Degas, who admired her work. After seeing her work, Cassatt was enthralled by the Impressionist movement and quickly broke away from conventional art. Her paintings soon became coveted by art critics and major collectors. Cassatt exhibited alongside Monet, Renoir, Morisot, and Pissarro, and she became a prominent member of the impressionist group.

The subjects of Mary Cassatt’s paintings include mothers and children. She worked with professional models to capture their movements and pose. The paintings often feature two women in a shared gaze, and the artist often included mirrors in her compositions. This subject matter is part of her exploration of the development of a child’s femininity. Ultimately, her paintings are highly moving, making them an excellent investment for any home.

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