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The Dream of Gotama 

What is it? 
The Dream of Gotama is a book written by Walter Elliott. 
What's it about? 
The book contains many intriguing and thought provoking subjects within the story that tempers serious topics with some light hearted tongue in cheek humour. It puts things in new perspectives with the implication that we should never take life, progress or ourselves too seriously. Also implicit is the question of whether mankind will finally be future masters or slaves of their clever creations, one of the more important being Artificial Intelligence. In our constant quest for material progress are we perhaps missing out on something much more valuable? 
Is there any artwork? 
The book contains many illustrations of Walters paintings of which can be viewed in the Elliott Gallery, Braunton, North Devon. 
Where can I purchase it? 
You can purchase a copy of The Dream of Gotama here
Some comments by Judy Chard 
(Former Editor of Devon Life Magazine) 
Surely the aim of every writer in whatever genre is to give the reader enjoyment to make them long to turn the pages 'to see what comes next ' so that their emotions change like cloud shadows on a cornfield, at this Walter Elliott is a past-master. This was so much my personal experience after reading the opening lines that for two days and the night in between I forgot the world with its necessities for eating, working and sleeping, something I don't remember ever happening with any book I have read before. I was hooked until the last page to which with enormous self control, I did not refer until I actually reached it. 
I was meeting Jung, Freud, Shakespeare, Aldous Huxley among many down the centuries sometimes he was so intensely serious and convincing, facing me with realism that much of the horror- terror even - he produced, was happening in every item of news I read or saw on television - the creation of what he describes as artificial intelligence0- then as with all gifted painters, as he is as well as writer,he contrasts shapes and sizes, colour and tone so a kind of avant-garde portrait is created of the seriousness of today, then immediately. tongue in cheek and with supreme humour he demolishes that scene so that the tears of laughter ran down my cheeks into my rapidly cooling coffee. 
He puts a new perspective on life - past, present and future and then tells you not to take life too seriously as he then poses the question - is our frentic way of life grasping for material possessions causing us to miss out on real values. Will Big Mother outwit even Big Brother of Orwell's '1984'. 
I envy anyone who is about to come to the first few pages of this amazing work which is not simply a book. He asks 'Is the image of man a space-time bubble wrought from cosmic eternity to experience consciousness for but a moment, each having a brief hour before his finite bubble vanishes for another form.. ' Man is Eternity cloaked in Time' - and remember this man is A Fellow of the British Interplanetary Society, once employed in the design and development of rocket motors, he is also a Member of the United Society of Artists, etc, with paintings in collections in America. The paintings included in the book are strikingly beautiful and tender in many cases with striking use of colour. 
Of course the production is non of my business, but I think the cover needs a little rethinking as it is rather dark over all and difficult to read the title or the author's name - it is a sad truth, which I learned the hard way - many people - as they do in life - judge a book by its immediate impact the cover - we have to accept this, although with sufficient publicity this is only a minor point. 
"I was 
until the  
last page" 
Purchase a copy of The Dream of Gotama here! 
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