Pieter Aertsen Paintings – 30 Best Pieter Aertsen Paintings

Pieter Aertsen Paintings – 30 Best Pieter Aertsen Paintings
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The artist’s career spanned from the fifteenth to the sixteenth centuries. The paintings of Pieter Aertsen reflect his influences, including his fellow Dutch painter, Pieter Bruegel the Elder. Aertsen’s depictions of market scenes, for example, are characterized by their dignity and lack of satirical content. While Aertsen did paint religious subjects, these painters were not considered ‘iconoclastic’ until after the Protestant Reformation.

His work reflects the mannerist pathos of the 16th century. His religious figuration is subordinate to the natural world and his paintings are laden with vegetables. The artist’s style was further refined by Beuckelaer, who had a strong influence on his work. Even though his works have been considered early masterpieces, they show a distinctly Mannerist bent. This ethos may explain the early development of Aertsen’s style.

If you’re looking for a new way to update your home, consider purchasing a Pieter Aertsen painting. The work of this Dutch artist is sure to add an unexpected element to any room. Aertsen’s paintings are available for purchase worldwide and can even be customized to fit the size of your space.

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